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Asia Park - Sun World Danang Wonders

No. 1 Phan Dang Luu Street, Hai Chau District, Da Nang City

Cable Car Ticket In Ba Na Hills, Danang

Ba Na Hills Tourism, An Son Hamlet, Hoa Ninh Province, Hoa Vang District, Da Nang City

Charming Da Nang Show Ticket

Culture House of Labor – No.2 Cach Mang Thang Tam Street, Hoa Cuong Nam Ward, Hai Chau District, Da Nang City

Da Nang is often the first travel choice for dozens of local and foreign tourists as there are many top things to do and see in Da Nang. Notable as a beautiful coastal city, the place wins the vacationers’ heart by its gorgeous white-sand beaches and fresh weather. Besides, plenty of impressive attractions are also available to wait for your contemplation, such as the historical My Son temples, Ba Na Hills, the Marble Mountains, and not to mention dozens of recreational activities to partake in.

So, are you ready to plan a trip to this cleanest, greenest, and most worth-living city in Vietnam? Then, here we go!

Da Nang activity tickets: Top things to do in Da Nang

Most of the travelers make a trip to Da Nang for only its pristine beaches and amazing food. However, it seems a big pity to overlook activities of entertainment while in there. Each activity ensures that you gain different kind of memorable experience. In order to get a better understanding of top things to do in Da Nang, check the list below:

Asia Park - Sun World Danang Wonders

Let’s gift your kids for their good scores in school by a day at Asian Park – Sun World Danang Wonders. This attractive amusement place in central Vietnam becomes the perfect outdoor activity in Da Nang for families with children at weekend or summer vacation. As a dreamy world of games, your kids are free to participate in a lot of outdoor entertainment activities, like airy wheel, carriage, train in the air, etc. All surely brings them an opportunity to have themselves physically and mentally challenged. Besides, adult-oriented games are also suitable for adventurous souls. Let’s take risk with the excitement of Queen Cobra – a roller coaster ride with the speed of 80km/h, high-speed boat, and so on for the overwhelming but exciting feeling. Above all, a delicious and tasty cuisine space helps gamers recharge their energy after a long time of playing.

Cable Car Ticket In Ba Na Hills, Danang

The journey to Da Nang is certainly imperfect without visiting Ba Na Hills – one of the must-see landmarks there. What make the hill stand out the part is that it is set 1,487 meters above the sea level. While the year-round cool weather makes it ideal for you to enjoy the holiday at the fullest, the 5-kilometer cable car system brings your satisfaction and convenience to the highest peak. Having a seat on the cable car allows tourists to get a panoramic view of both Da Nang City and Quang Nam Province from the top of Ba Na.

You can feel that you are now stepping into the paradise of cloud, mist and wind. Don’t hesitate to get dipped into many other interesting activities which are considered the best part in Vietnam while in Ba Na Hills, Da Nang, such as rock climbing and tube sailing, joining in the legendary knight slides, exploring Vietnam's first wax display, checking in the Wine Cellar Debay, and so on. Just like other amusement parks in Vietnam, you must buy tickets to enter the cable car.

Charming Da Nang Show

If traditional and cultural art is what you care about, then Charming Da Nang Show should be added to the list of activities to do in Da Nang. Watching the show, your eyebrows can be raised by a flawless blend of music, light, dances, and images. Its main purpose is to help audiences get a clear glimpse of the city’s culture, hotspots, and locals’ daily life in particular. Although the show just lasts for 60 minutes only, you can find it hard to forget its meaningful episodes, cleverness of the artists, and impressive sound of music.

The Museum of Cham Sculpture

Cham Museum is home to the largest collection of artifacts from the Cham civilization. Erected in 1915 and opened in 1919, the museum mainly aims to preserve and present the sculptural relics of the ancient Cham Kingdom with a total of nearly 500 samples. Under the 2 times of reparation, the building remains its own architectural charm. Moreover, you can also learn some basic information about these old artifacts from this Da Nang activity, Vietnam.

Marble Mountains

Marble Mountains is another must-see in Da Nang. Its name can be understood as a cluster of 5 smaller sandstone and marble hills. In Vietnamese, these hills are named “Nui Ngu Hanh Son,” (meaning Mountains of the 5 Elements). In detail, such 5 mountains stand for the 5 elements, namely Metal, Fire, Wood, Water, and Earth. Among them, Nui Thuy Son (water) is the biggest draw since it is the largest mountain in the group as well as featuring a lot of caves. Typically, Marble Mountains is where you can feast your eyes on grand caves, tunnels, and the stone sculpture.

Art in Paradise - 3D Museum

This is not only the biggest 3D Trick art museum in Vietnam, but also the sixth member of the art in the world’s largest 3D museum group – Paradise Global Group. Art in Paradise is where you can see more than hundreds of realistic 3D paintings. Especially, you can become part of them and sketch out your own imagination as much as possible from each picture you post. Amazingly, these masterpieces are all painted by hand from Korean talented artists. With an area of 4.000 square meters, the 2 giant floors, as well as 9 zones with different theme (World, Safari, Fantasy, Classic, Main Hall, Optical, Active, Aqua, and Ancient Egypt), discovering all of the museum takes much time to complete.

Along with the above activities, Nui Than Tai Water Park and Hoa Phu Thanh Tourist Site should not be missed by all means. Planning the itinerary and getting hands-on experience on your own can inspire your travel passion to the top.

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Da Nang Activity tickets at the best prices

If you have no ideas on prices of Da Nang activity tickets, then you are now in a right place. On a whole, the most expensive activity while in here is to explore Ba Na Hill including having a seat on Cable Car Ticket, which costs you even $30. Another fun activity is to visit Asia Park where you can play strong adult-oriented games and enjoy performing arts programs. You must pay $13 for this arrival. Charming Da Nang Show is cheap but worth a watch since it is only about $9. But, what you get is beyond what you expect. The show helps you understand more about the culture and life of locals in Da Nang in particular and in Vietnam in general. Thus, come to book activity tickets online with our best price guaranteed!