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The Fishermen Show – The Legend of a Fishing Village

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Wonder which the most interesting things to do in Phan Thiet? Widely notable for the pristine and white-sand beaches, natural landscapes, and peaceful seaside resorts, Phan Thiet becomes the favorite destination for beach vacationers in the nation and around the world. So, going swimming and enjoying water sports are what you firstly think about, right? But, the list of things to do in the resort city is seemingly endless, which include on land and on the water. Hence, you can gain the most unforgettable memories while in there. Let’s leave all of the concerns and worries behind, and then get yourself immerse in the brand-new journey of exploration right now!

Phan Thiet activity tickets: Top things to do in Phan Thiet

In Phan Thiet, the key attractions other than the beautiful beaches themselves are visiting wine castle, watching fishermen show, trying Ta Cu Cable Car, seeing White Sand Dune, etc. Getting tickets to participate in these activities brings you the most memorable experiences.

RD Wine Castle

As the most favorite attraction of Binh Thuan tourism, RD Wine Castle usually attracts the immense influx of tourists every day. A red-and-white background, European style, and a city wall are what the first impression you can gain from outside. Believe it or not, the place’s wine cellar stores more than 20,000 bottles of red wine at a temperature of

13-18°C. The short introduction about the origins of the wines and the wine-making process is also included. Excitingly, wine lovers also have an opportunity to enjoy the well-known brand of wine. Don’t forget to take unique shots of the vineyard in front of this castle.

The Fishermen Show

As its name suggests, the show brings you closely to the villagers’ life which is as stormy as waves on ocean. Along with that, unique characteristics in customs and habits of the rural area are also highlighted on the show. Your eyebrows will be raised by a series of awe-inspiring effects with water music performance on the stage. Audiences feel that they get lost in an artistic 3D stage, thanks to the elaborate machinery, LEDs, and dancing fountains.

Sand Sculpture Park

As one of the valuable outdoor activities in Phan Thiet, Sand Sculpture Park leaves you from admiration to another by a collection of 20 sand statues with various shapes and sizes. Created by many notable sculptors from 15 countries, such sand sculpture masterpieces stand for familiar fairy tale characters of Vietnam and even around the world. Some typical examples are Son Tinh and Thuy Tinh (the lord of mountains and the lord of oceans), King Kong, Cinderella, as well as reputable cultural architectural relics, i.e. Po Nagar Cham tower, Thien Mu pagoda and so on. While the adults take a promenade around the park for sightseeing, children has a special space to experience the unique art of sand sculpture. Really worth a visit!

Po Klong Garai Tower

The list of Phan Thiet activities is incomplete without a trip to Po Klong Garai Tower. Situated on Trau Hill, Ninh Thuan, Phan Thiet, Po Klong Garai Tower dazzles tourists with its ancient, majestic, and grand beauty that is not faded away with time. Recognized as Cham History - Architectural Sculpture by Ministry of Culture, this cluster of towers generally includes a complex of Gate Tower, Main Tower and Fire Tower. Discovering each tower gives you a different interesting experience. At the end of October every year, Kate festival is held at the tower for the Cham people to go on a pilgrimage. Coming here in this occasion allows you to learn more the Cham locals’ lifestyle and religion.

Ke Ga Lighthouse

Set on the eye-catching Ke Ga Island, the Lighthouse is about 60 meters in height. What makes the lighthouse a tourist attraction is that it gives the panoramic beach view from the peak. Moreover, conquering the hundred-year-old stairs to reach its top gives you a rewarding feeling. Once climbed to the highest stair of the site, you will really burst into the air with the blend of the vast sea, spacious sky, and fresh ocean winds. Sunset is the best time to see Ke Ga Lighthouse.

Ta Cu Mountain Cable

With an area of 250,000 square meters, Ta Cu Mountain wins travelers’ heart with a diverse ecological complex of mountains, forests, and sea. So, staying close to nature at best is what you experience after visiting there. Besides, visitors also check in the mountain to pay homage to the reclining Buddha statue with 49 meters in length and 7 meters in height. For the convenient reach, a suspended cable is available to take people to the top of the mountain. At a high altitude, your eyes can be spread over the fairylike scenery of Thuan Nam Town, the blue hue of Ham Thuan An Sea, and the grandness of Ke Ga Lighthouse. All gives you the thrilling but exciting feeling.

In brief, a vacation to Phan Thiet, Vietnam leaves on you the big impression by not only beautiful and exquisite beaches, but also the ancient tower, magnificent lighthouse, and breathtaking mountain. Therefore, be nimble-footed to plan your trip to such resort city right away! Make sure to include the above activities to do in Phan Thiet in your notebook and then try to experience them one by one in the real time.

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Phan Thiet Activity tickets at the best prices

Phan Thiet surely welcomes you to the world of white sand beaches and water sports activities. In addition to that, it seems a big pity to overlook meaningful activity tickets with various prices. For instance, coming to RD wine castle just costs you only $4, but it seems a visit to widen your knowledge and feast your eyes on a collection of different wines. Meanwhile, for an in-depth look at the life of fishermen, The Fishermen Show priced at $7, can fulfill your wish. Make sure to explore these things on your own right away!