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Vinpearl Safari Ticket - Phu Quoc Island

Vinpearl Safari Phu Quoc Island

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Phu Quoc Island, Kien Giang Province

If Phu Quoc is your next travel destination, then considering top things to do in Phu Quoc is a must. That’s because the first-time visitors can be overwhelmed with what the place has to offer. Situated in the Gulf of Thailand, closer to the coast of Cambodia, the island is widely noticeable for its gorgeous beaches, the fresh and easy-going atmosphere, stunning resorts, vivid markets, untouched natural environment, and friendly locals. Setting foot on the island, travelers seemly get lost in a new world of pristine azure waters and leisurely deep relaxation. Of course, your interest is not limited to swimming and chilling out on beaches only. More than half of the island is covered by its national park. Therefore, eye-catching scene and varieties of wildlife species do bring you a memorable experience. Besides, plenty of exciting activities here keep you truly entertained during your stay, too! What’s more? It seems a big pity for history buffs to skip Phu Quoc Prison – one of the hells in Earth.

So, make sure to get here soon? To enjoy an ideal holiday, follow the useful information below to know best activities to do in Phu Quoc!

Phu Quoc activity tickets: Top things to do in Phu Quoc

Of course, a trip to Phu Quoc is incomplete without building your own sand castle, getting yourself in the soothing wave of beaches, or simply lazily lying under a sun umbrella. The truth is that most of the travelers check in here for their peaceful beach getaway. However, in addition to relaxing on beaches, there are also a lot of fun top things to do in Phu Quoc that can inspire your passion. The following are some typical ones:


Vinpearl Land Ticket on Phu Quoc Island

If you travel to Phu Quoc with your children, then Vinpearl Land Amusement Park can be a big surprise for them. As a wonderful paradise of entertainment, the park leaves a strong impression on tourists by its game center, man-made constructions, massive outdoor water park, shopping street, magnificent aquarium, and the high-end resort! Set on Long Beach of Phu Quoc Island, the Vinpearl Land generally covers an area of 170.000 square kilometers. While thrilling games are visible to challenge the most courageous participants with a range of Huge Ferris Wheel and Speed Ride, a visit to 5.000-square aquarium helps you to get a better understanding of the creatures’ life under water.

Since recreation is seemingly boundless in this park, you may enjoy such games until your energy does run out and your stressfulness does go away. If necessary, spending a night at the upscale resort is a nice idea. This gives you a chance to watch the attractive display of light and music in the Amphitheater.

Vinpearl Safari Ticket

Another exciting activity in Phu Quoc is coming to visit Vinpearl Safari. As the largest Care and Conservation Center of Wild Animals, Vinpearl Safari Phu Quoc has the two areas, namely Wild Park and Open Zoo. It is worth noting that the park is just a smaller version of Africa wildlife that is home to about 3.000 individuals, 1.200 species of botany as well as 150 species of rare animals worldwide. Coming here, your eyes will be feasted on a range of international wildlife such as rhinoceros, giraffes, lions, antelope, zebras, Bengal tigers, Green Iguana, Asian Elephants, freshwater crocodile, etc. Of course, there is no need to visit the park on foot as specialized transports are always available to serve tourists any time. After a long time of discovery, you can take a break by watching interesting animal performance, feeding animals, and take photograph.

Hon Thom Cable Car Ticket

Don’t forget to add Hon Thom Island – an untouched place – to your travel itinerary of activities to do in Phu Quoc. It is actually where the old-growth forest, fish farms and hospitable locals always welcome visitors’ exploration. Getting there is easy with many advantageous ways. But, if you are an adventurous soul, then the Cable Car transport will surely delight your inspiration. As the modern 3-cable-line route and the world’s longest 3S Ropeway, the system not only gives tourists the highest convenience, but also the panoramic view of spacious sea below.

Coi Nguon Museum

Don’t forget to add Coi Nguon Museum to the list of Phu Quoc activity tickets. Located on Tran Hung Dao Street in Dong Duong Town, Coi Nguon Museum provides participants a better insight into the island’s history, antiques, and artifacts. With an area of more than 1.5 hectares, the museum covers 5 floors in which each floor displays different kinds of exhibition. While 2,645 excellent antiques dating from the 15th century to the early 20th century were made from pottery, stone, bronze and fossil wood, other 540 artifacts shine their own beauty with the collection of artworks, furniture, fishing tool and household appliances.

Suoi Tranh Waterfall

Covering 15 kilometers in length, Suoi Tranh is gorgeous and breathtaking enough to hold your foot from leaving. Once the waterfall is in front of your eyes, it will dazzle you with the white hue of the stream and the green hue of the forest system. Perhaps, the name “Tranh” (Picture) has its origin from the astonishing glamor of the stream itself and the eye-catching surrounding scenery. Definitely, the falls is listed as one of the best outdoor activities in Phu Quoc for families, adventurers, or even backpackers. Along with going sightseeing, there are also a lot of fun programs while in there, such as picnics and camping trips, hiking, taking photograph, etc.

Phu Quoc Prison

If you are curious about how the life of the Vietnamese imprisoned soldiers was in the past, head to Phu Quoc Prison, or also called the Coconut Tree Prison. Included as one of the meaningful activity tickets on a trip to Phu Quoc, this historical site is where you can see some of the torture tools during the wartime, the black-and-white photographs of the actual victims who were terribly tortured in the prison, as well as the display of the horrifying punishment. Though the visit to the prison is a bit scary and touching, it is still worth a trip. For visitors, this is a good opportunity for them to learn more about the battle in the past as well as appreciating the peaceful life offers they are now having.

So, are you yourself ready for the excitement and joy from these top things to do in Phu Quoc? Let’s run away from the bustling vibe of the city and then get dipped into the tranquil holiday to this paradise now!

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Phu Quoc Activity tickets at the best prices

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