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Museum of Ancient Arms Tickets in Vung Tau

Vung Tau City, Ba Ria - Vung Tau Province

Dog Race Ticket in Lam Son Stadium, Vung Tau

Vung Tau City, Ba Ria - Vung Tau Province

Before wondering what top things to do in Vung Tau, you should know the truth that Vung Tau, in a few years ago, was considered a tourist trap where the beach was overcrowded, dirty while services were poor and prices for hotels were always “on the cloud.” But, everything has heavily changed in 2016 when the People’s Committee of Ba Ria – Vung Tau province did take action to reorganize the city. The first activity was banning the locals from selling and the visitors from bringing food to the beach. Those who broke the rule could be fined. The main aim is to make Vung Tau a perfect spot for tourists to enjoy their day or even long trip with deep comfort.

Therefore, the city has recently amazed you with the astonishing new look. The water is so clean and blue that you want to jump into it immediately so as to beat the summer heat. Not only that, the sand is also beautiful with the long line of colorful umbrellas and beach couches. And thanks to its proximity to Saigon, about only 120 kilometers from the city, Vung Tau becomes one of the all-time favorite destinations for both the locals and foreigners to enjoy their beach getaway ideally.

Vung Tau activity tickets: Top things to do in Vung Tau

As mentioned above, going to beaches is not the only thing you can do here. Vung Tau also leaves a memorable impression on tourists by a lot of unique activities. Keep reading for more useful information.

Museum of Ancient Arms

Established by Robert Taylor, Museum of Ancient Arms firstly dazzles you by a collection of weapons and military equipment from many different countries worldwide. So, it seems a big pity for collectors of ancient objects or history buffs to skip this attraction while getting a ticket to Vung Tau. The big exhibition of European and oriental weapons inside the museum brings you a wonderful chance to retrace the great evolution of arms since the early period till today. Stepping inside, your eyebrows will be raised by a wide range of 1,200 guns, 1,000 swords as well as over 500 mannequins for military uniforms in the previous centuries. Furthermore, a visit to the museum also enables you to admire the work of the gunsmiths and broaden your knowledge about the stories of the displayed artifacts.

Dog Race in Lam Son Stadium

Looking for unique activity to do in Vung Tau? Then, a dog racing held at the Lam Son Stadium on every Friday and Saturday can be a big draw for you. The race is really fun to watch and interesting to bet on. Remember that this is the only dog racetrack and the only legal form of gambling in Vietnam. So, if you have no idea about where to go at weekend, then going to the track as well as placing a few bets can eliminate the boredom for sure. Ready to get yourself immersed in the heat of the race and cheer for the athletes of your choice?


Situated at the peak of the Little Mountain, the Lighthouse in Vung Tau is another highlight you should not miss. Built in 1907, the place is where you can get the panoramic view of the whole city and a wide range of ships at sea through the presence of the telescopes. Truly, the Lighthouse assists in directing the system of ships and boats with the light as far as over 60 kilometers away. On the way to the top, let’s stop by a café shop midway to the right side of the cliff and contemplate the surrounded scenery. The tranquil and beautiful landscape allows visitors to deeply have peace in mind and soul.

Ho May Park

A trip to Ho May Park is one of the impeccable outdoor activities to do in Vung Tau for family with kids or those travelling in group. In addition to the spectacular view from many vantage points around the hilltop park, you can also engage in fun games with the little ones. On the whole, this is a great place for photography, from gorgeous landscape to colorful animals. As early evening sets in, the park becomes more outstanding and alluring. To arrive in Ho May Park, taking the Cable Car is a must.

Binh Chau Hot Springs

Traveling to Vung Tau is incomplete without soaking in the outdoor pool of Binh Chau Hot Springs, which are about 60 kilometers from the city. With the temperature of 37 Celsius degree, the mineral water is warm and cozy enough to help tourists get rid of all pressure and anxieties. Along with soaking, it is also very fun to try boiling eggs in hot water and sample the exotic cuisine in the luxury restaurants. Of course, everyone’s need is satisfyingly fulfilled with the availability of a spa getaway, the water park, the little golf course, the tennis court, and even the children playground. Thanks to such big convenience, some travelers also choose to enjoy the overnight stay in the bungalows here.

To top it off, is Vung Tau City worth a visit? Well, if you are in need of a relaxing escape at weekend from Saigon which takes less time, requires little effort, and spends “not much” money, then the city should be the first selection. Taking part in Vung Tau activities and enjoying the relaxing atmosphere of the sea will certainly rid your mind of worries and stress.


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