4 Special Mosques You Want To See in Ho Chi Minh City

The S-shaped country earns its name for a great respect towards different religions, and Saigon - the biggest city in Vietnam isn’t an exception. If you plan to travel to the country, then you might find it easy to recognize the Christians, Muslims, and Buddhists in the city. If pagodas and temples are meant for Buddhists, then churches are the places for the Christians.


They’re just spotted almost everywhere, but not many people know the best among them. So today, I’m pleased to reveal all 4 special mosques you want to see in Ho Chi Minh City - enjoy!

Cholon Jamial Mosque

Address: 641 Nguyen Trai Street, Ward 11, District 5

Opening time: From Monday to Sunday

Lying in the central of Cholon, which is also known as the Chinatown region, you can easily find the mosque. Established in 1932, Cholon Mosque was said to serve a majority of Muslim communities from Southern India, or those residing in the region. But it also opened for both Indonesian and Malaysian communities in the country since 1975. Then what’s so special about it?

Well, what makes it stand out the most from other complex Vietnamese pagodas and Chinese temples on the same street would be the clear lines, simple yet delicate decoration, and good color scheme of the entire building. Besides, when getting inside, you can see a pool for ritual ablutions in the courtyard and tiled niche in the wall in from the prayer hall. This indicates the Mecca direction.

Cholon Jamial Mosque is in the Chinatown region.

It’s best to come and stay here around the lunch or dinner since you’ll grab a chance to experience a delicious halal meal at the dining spot on the grounds. What if you’re a solo traveler who comes here for the first time? Then Cholon Mosque will be extremely comfy!

Saigon Central Mosque

Address: 66 Dong Du Street, District 1

Opening hours: From 8 am to 9 pm every day

Probably, this is considered one of the most striking and earlier mosques in Ho Chi Minh City. Set up in the 1930s by South Indian Muslims, Saigon Central Mosque finds no difficulty in leaving an unforgettable impression on the visitors all around the world by its amazing architecture, cozy atmosphere, and great halal dishes available out of the building.

Initially, the mosque used to be a spot for merely worshipers from Southern India who lived in the city. However, things are getting changed better and better. Muslim in the world all have the right to pay a visit here and worship as well as practice the belief.

It’s easy to find this mosque as long as you encounter a lime-green mosque that is amazingly clean and calm building in a bustling Dong Khoi region. Once arriving at the mosque, in front of you will be the splendid white and blue structure with four other decorative towers. This is the pool for all ritual ablutions that are required by the Islamic law.

Saigon Central Mosque was built in the buslting Dong Khoi region.

If you come here every Friday, then it’s not gonna be a good idea since this is the busiest time in the week. But if you love to find out more about the Muslim culture, then getting to this calm place will be a great idea.

Besides, what you might love about this mosque will be the advantages of the shaded verandah plus some stone floors. These allow you to sit, read books, and even take a nap in the hot summer days.

Al Rahman Mosque

Address: 45 Nam Ky Khoi Nghia Street, District 1

Opening hours: Every day

As it comes to my top picks of the most special mosque in Ho Chi Minh City, it will be a big fault for you to miss Al Rahman mosque. Built in 1885, this building will be the first mosque around Vietnam. Find it in District 1, which primarily serves the Indonesian and Malaysian communities every weekend. Al Rahman doesn’t only keep the striking Muslim symbols in both of design and building, but it also arrives with such a pristine beauty thanks to the magnificent decor on the wall.

Just like other mosques in Saigon, Al Rahman Mosque is quite good in look with many Muslim symbols, not to mention both crescent moons and sparkling stars. When you come here and see it for the first time, the mosque might show up as a magnificent picture because all the walls get decorated with many patterns that are made from marble stones and granite in both black and white.

Jamiul Islamiyah

Address: 495B Tran Hung Dao Street, Cau Kho Ward, District 1

Opening hours: Every day


Widely known as Nancy Mosque, this mosque was built in 1950, and then rebuilt between 1980 and 2003 by the funds of Red Crescent Society from UAE. One year later, Jamiul Islamiyah first welcomed the Cham minority group together with other Muslim followers. In reality, this is supposed to be one of the major mosques in Saigon and also the heart of the Muslim community.

It's a Tamil Indian-built mosque where is mostly attended by Cham Muslims. Once the French influence went away from Vietnam in 1954, then the trade with the French colony of Pondicherry, whose cultural impacts was in charge of the buildup of the mosque and others.

So is there any special thing about this? What leaves me a great admiration will be the great devotion of anyone who comes here for praying. In case you don’t know, Nancy Mosque is the second biggest number of all believers, and exactly where you get to find the halal restaurant called Pho Muslim right behind it.

Jamiul Islamiyah is also known as Nancy Mosque.

When you feel hungry, be free to roam around the alleyways, then you can encounter a halal dining spot nearby. It’s called Pho Muslim, where you can satisfy your own taste with one or two tasty meals. Besides, the Nancy Mosque here looks extremely beautiful as the night comes. And you might wish they will light up the whole mosque right at this moment just like other Muslim nations.