Amazing Vietnam Zip lines to get an Adrenaline rush

Sightseeing is definitely a cool activity when you travel to Vietnam as the country is endowed with a countless number of breathtaking natural landscapes, or visits to museums or historical sites never fail to satisfy your desire for knowledge about the country’s history. Nevertheless, to thrill-seekers, the following Vietnam zip lines are exactly what they are interested.

Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park – Quang Binh Province

While more and more Vietnamese people know and love a new form of entertainment, called zip line, foreign travelers feel satisfied to take a chance to try it when they come to Vietnam. At Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park where there are plenty of breathtaking natural landscapes, the zip line is actually a good way to soak up the atmosphere and scenery there. It is amazing to see the 400-meter cable from the west of Ho Chi Minh trail to Dark Cave (Hang Toi) overlooking Chay River.

Ziplines in Phong Nha - Ke Bang National Park

Having a try at the zip line is considered as a fantastic activity you ought not to miss when landing in that national park. You not only get thrilling experiences while moving by the cable above, but also peer down at incredible scenes below. Two forms of zip line to choose from consist of zip line to swim in Chay River and zip line to explore Dark Cave by kayaking. It costs VND80,000/adult/ticket and VND60,000/child/ticket.

Hoa Phu Thanh Tourist Attraction – Da Nang City

Besides zip line offered at Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park, there is the same service found at Hoa Phu Thanh Tourist Attraction, Da Nang City. It is known that such entertainment service is quite new to travelers to this city, but it is actually what you must try. As for a short description of zip line at Hoa Phu Thanh Tourist Attraction, the cable is inclined and easy for you to move around 30 meters per second. Despite the fact that the zip line is a sort of adventure travel, it is known that the cable is carefully designed to make sure each player is absolutely safe while using the service. It costs VND50,000/person/ticket.  

Alba Thanh Tan Hot Springs – Thua Thien Hue Province

Labeled as the longest zip line in Asia, the one at Alba Thanh Tan Hot Springs in Thua Thien Hue Province is 560 meters long and 45.5 meters high. Actually, the zip line is inside a hot spring of Alba Thanh Tan Resort and stretches from Ma Yen Mountain to a picturesque lake.

Zipline and Highwire in Thanh Tan Alba Hot Spring

Imagine how awesome it is when you slide by a rope which is inclined enough to bring you a thrilling feeling. Playing this form of entertainment, overcoming your fear of heights, and you can gaze into imposing scenic paintings as a pay-off. Of course, it will be a feeling you never have if walking on the ground. It costs VND80,000/person/ticket.

Ho May Tourist Attraction – Vung Tau City

When it comes to zip lines which bears the most adventurous features, it is supposed that the one at Ho May Tourist Attraction in Vung Tau City is ranked number one. The cable is designed to be at the altitude of 500 meters above sea level and 200 meters long. Although the activity is quite adventurous, it still ensures your safety for certain. It will be great regret that you should not a chance to slide by the cable, witness blue water below, and enjoy cool breeze. It sounds fantastic when you can not only get thrills, but also touch the authentic beauty of nature while challenging yourself to that adventure activity.

Madagui Forest – Lam Dong Province

The last one in the list of amazing Vietnam zip lines to get an adrenaline rush is at Madagui Forest in Lam Dong Province. Actually, this wonderful service is found in the forest in the proximity of Madagui Town, Da Hoai District, Lam Dong Province. It will be a 30 kilometer journey to get to this destination from the heart of downtown Bao Loc.

Zipline in Madagui Forest

Due to the natural charms of Madagui, a 1,111-meter cable is built there to give those who love adventure a thrilling experience. Surely, you are pleased to have a great view of the spectacular natural landscapes above. What makes the activity more adventurous than anything else is that you will slide yourself through a crocodile lake. It is indeed an enormous challenge for you. Do you dare give it a try?