Review of top 10 delicious cheap street eats in Vietnam

Wonder why Vietnam is famous with plenty of delicious cheap street eats? Welcome you all to this post. In fact, there are many convincing reasons why foreigners choose Vietnam as one of their favorite tourist destinations, such as its imposing scenery, friendly locals, diverse culture, peaceful rural lifestyle, and so on. And it is indeed a big pity to skip Vietnam cuisine – the big draw that holds travelers’ feet from leaving. Regardless of whether you have dinner in a luxurious restaurant or simply sit on plastic chairs to enjoy street food, all brings you different experiences.

It is hard to deny the fact that one of the most wonderful and convenient places to find the cheapest cuisine in Vietnam is an array of small single-dish stalls along the streets.

So, are you ready to try what the locals eat? We have come up with top 10 cheap street eats in this S-shaped country you should not miss! Let’s read!

Pho (Vietnamese Noodle Soup)

How can you convince others to believe that you are now in Vietnam without sampling the country’s typical food, namely Pho? Although the ingredients for the dish are really simple, including savory broth, fresh rice noodles, herbs, as well as topped with beef or chicken, its taste is exotic and delicious. Visitors can find this dish anywhere in the country. In general, Pho is an excellent choice for those who are new to Vietnam cuisine as it is cheap, tasty and has a mild flavor.

Pho is among top 10 delicious cheap street eats in Vietnam

Bun Cha (Vietnamese dish of noodle and grilled pork)

According to CNN, Pho is considered the country’s most reputable dish, but the top choice for lunchtime is Bun Cha. Did you know that President Obama had an impressive feeling of this food while visiting Vietnam? And you will share the same feeling with him after trying Bun Cha Hanoi. This Vietnamese food is a perfect combination of sweet but sour broth, rice noodles, grilled pork, and fresh vegetables (lettuce, coriander, basil, mint and banana flower).

Xoi (Vietnamese savory sticky rice)

A list of Vietnamese street eats is incomplete without mentioning savory sticky rice. You can find this dish in the morning when the locals in a rush work need a high-energy breakfast to fulfill their stomach. A package of savory sticky rice often comes with hard boil quail eggs, chicken, small shrimp, sliced sausage, as well as dried shallots scattering on top.

Banh xeo (Vietnamese pancakes)

This crepe-like food in Vietnam surely tickles your taste buds by its crispness. It is often best sampled fresh and even hot out of the pan! Also called “sizzling pancake,” the dish is generally made with rice flour, turmeric powder, coconut milk, and then bursting with bean sprouts, shrimp, pork, and fresh herbs. Don’t forget to add this delicious food to your culinary list while in Vietnam. If you expect to eat like the locals, then try to cut Banh Xeo into smaller and more manageable pieces, wrap it up in the rice paper or a lettuce leaf, and dip it into the spicy fish sauce. Yes, you have ever enjoyed the most savory pancake in a lifetime!

Banh xeo (Vietnamese pancakes)

Goi cuon (Vietnamese spring rolls)

If fried food in Vietnam becomes your obsession, then Goi Cuon becomes a tasty and healthy choice. It is a common dish and may be found throughout the whole country. Actually, these spring rolls are made from translucent rice paper rolls and then packed with greens, a layer of coriander, and a combination of vermicelli, pork and shrimp. It is also very easy to eat these rolls since what you just do is to simply dunk your Gỏi Cuốn in a delicious peanut sauce and enjoy it.

Bun bo Nam Bo (Southern beef vermicelli noodles)

Unlike the traditional beef noodles in Hanoi, Bun Bo Nam Bo comes sans broth. This bowl of rice vermicelli leaves a strong impression on gourmets by the harmonious blend of the tender slices of beef, bean sprouts, crunchy peanuts, and topped with crisp fried shallots, fragrant herbs, a splash of fish sauce and chili pepper. Such dish is very suitable for a cozy dinner at weekend.

Bun bo Nam Bo (Southern beef vermicelli noodles)

Cao lau (Hoi An pork noodle)

As a paradise of street food, Hoi An is another place in Vietnam where you can find the best Vietnamese street eats. And Cao Lau is one typical example. Believe it or not, Hoi An is the only place you can enjoy the authentic Cao Lau. Hence, missing this delectable dish seems to be a big pity in your life. The Cao Lau noodles are often similar to the Japanese Udon noodles. The dish is a mixture of Chinese and Vietnamese prominence which is seen through crispy won-ton crackers, pork, broth and herbs. What makes Cao Lau unique is that the broth is cooked from water drawn from the ancient local Cham wells around this region! Therefore, it becomes a must-try food in Vietnam.

Banh mi (Vietnamese bread)

One of the common dishes for a light nutritious breakfast is Banh Mi, which you can see from lots of the street stalls. Such Vietnamese bread rolls are simple with pork, pate (liver), and fresh vegetables like cucumber, coriander, radish, a drizzle of soy sauce, and sliced chili pepper. With an affordable price, it becomes a favorite choice for the number of people, including the tourists.

Bot chien (Vietnamese fried rice flour cake with egg)

Bot Chien makes its name popular as the hot street snack in Vietnam, especially in Ho Chi Minh City. The after-school and the after-midnight groups are the big fans of such food. Chunks of rice flour dough in square will be fried on the hot wok until turning golden and crispy. Then, an egg is broken into that mix. To cut down the cake’s oiliness, the fresh vegetables are also served, including slices of papaya, green onions, and shallots. Finally, dip each cake into the soy sauce, which certainly ties all of the ingredients together.

Bot chien (Vietnamese fried rice flour cake with egg)

Ca phe trung (Vietnamese egg coffee)

For a weird flavor, egg coffee is what you should not overlook by all mean. What makes the recipe unique and noticeable is that the coffee is usually brewed in a cup with a filter before adding the ideally whisked blend of beaten yolks, condensed milk, and sugar. Then, you will have a chance to enjoy a bold coffee flavor with the prominent sweetness of egg mixture. This creates an odd but memorable coffee experience in Vietnam! Although you only find such unique coffee stores in the tiny alleys of Hanoi, these are always full of guests.

In brief, are these dishes mouth-watering yet? Vietnam is an incredible country where you should visit once in a lifetime. Thus, if you are going to plan a trip to this beautiful country, don’t forget to sample these Vietnamese street eats. In case you’d like to save time while still trying some of the best street foods, then Saigon alive & food by night tour can be a nice idea. It is definitely a great way to watch the city on the back of the motorbike and taste the local dishes.