Top 4 mysterious limestone caves in Vietnam

If you get a chance to visit the S-shaped country, where should you go? Climb up through the stairs to reach these top 4 mysterious limestone caves in Vietnam now. While there’s a great number of exotic places to discover in the “S-shaped” country, plenty of places still remain unexplored from the gaze of mankind. And among those attractive spots, I’d like to bring you the top 4 mysterious limestone caves in Vietnam you might not know.

1. Son Doong Cave

The stunning views of Son Doong Cave inside

It’s speechless to talk about the magnificence of Son Doong Cave that lies in Phong Nha National Park - Ke Bang, Quang Binh Province. According to witnesses, the way to this cave is quite challenging. How come? It takes six hours for you to walk and go through 10km from Ho Chi Minh Highway to arrive at the cave.

But sure enough, Son Doong cave is mysterious and big enough to make every tourist overwhelmed. Its hidden beauty can be seen through the roof with an impressive height (200 meters), which offers you such a beautiful view that is hard to find nowhere else! Or through the incredible image of Eden where Adam and Eve used to live at the Creation. This is where you’ll get to enjoy the huge stalactite walls and the 1000-year-old pearls.

And guess what? Most visitors who come here will be amazed at these wonders of Song Doong Cave: From the smooth and astonishing stalactite columns to the weird shapes in Loong Con Cave - known as the Cactus Garden.

It’s the light that illuminates those rocks of the cave, which exactly why most of the explorers named it like that! Just be there at the gate of the paradise on earth, and you’ll see the pretty rays of light from above to along the cliff.

2. Tam Coc Bich Dong

Tam Coc Bich Dong ‘s natural beauty at its best

Right at the time of sailing along Ngo Dong River, tourists won’t resist the temptation, especially when it comes to the natural and appealing sights inside the caves. Simply get inside the cave, and then your eyes will be pleased by the miraculous Hang Ca that is 127 meters long, or the stalactites that appear in different shapes.

Besides, Tam Coc - Bich Dong is also called the terrestrial Halong Bay due to its stunning waterways and amazing architectural structure. As a tourist, you definitely admire the panoramic scenes of the limestones around or the wonderful aquatic species in the water. If not, I bet that you’re appealed straight by Hang Hai Grotto that owns a length of 60 meters with various shapes of stalactites. 

Apart from that, go about 2 km from Tam Coc caves, you can reach an ancient pagoda that consists of three structures: Ha Pagoda, Trung Pagoda, and Thuong Pagoda, and then one cave. If you love the views of the entire Bich Dong, then stand at Thuong Pagoda where has the pretty scenes of both river and mountains. 

On top of this, it’s also a great idea to take 100 steps to Trung Pagoda! This place has many looming statues that always show up from the mysterious haze of burning incense. Meanwhile, if you choose to stand outside the place, you will be knocked out by the poetic views of the  countryside.

3. Phong Nha Ke Bang

A great ambiance of Phong Nha - Ke Bang at a distance

Bear in mind that Quang Binh is not just renowned for the world’s largest cave in Vietnam (Son Doong cave), but also a big home to Phong Nha - Ke Bang. But where to see it in reality? Just find it in the karst mountain of Ke Bang, Bo Trach District! It’s listed in a group of more than 300 large and small caves.

Also, Phong Nha - Ke Bang National Park is worth a visit as it comes to the most impressive wilderness sites in South East Asia and one of the biggest limestone areas in the world. For such reasons, no wonder why this place is on the list of the best tourist attractions when you travel to Vietnam.

So why do you have to wait? Let’s pack up and go to visit a wide range of underground caves and passages along with the amazing jungle scenes and rock formations. Looking back to the past, the cave used to be lit up beautifully like a real music concert. However, it has now been refurbished to show off such a unique beauty that no place can compare.

But if you desperately love to view the cave and landscapes around, then don’t hesitate to take a short boat ride to the cave, or simply a quick walk inside for a day out. Or it’s also great to join the bike ride through the rural areas if you like to enjoy the fresher atmosphere. And know what? A lot of people decide to head to the Park’s vegetation for taking pictures of many plants and animals in the region.

4. Sung Sot Cave

A sparkling beauty of Sung Sot Cave

It’s time to wander through another wonder of nature - Sung Sot Cave (The Amazing Cave)! This name says it all about the cave because the cave offers the visitors the realistic experiences right at the moment of stepping inside and viewing the surrounding sights!

Besides, lying in Bo Hon Island, the cave is depicted as a spectacular scenic picture with some sparkling stalactites just like the lighting bulbs hung at the ceiling. Amusingly, they come with a great abundance of shapes: animals, flowers, and leaves. Once getting deeper, be cautious because you’re probably lost in a wonderland whose landscapes are so unbelievable! 

Feel free to rent a personal boat to enjoy the big party on your own and visit the cave. The scenes behind the entrance and exit are unbelievable. And know what? The cave is huge and facile to walk as well as impressive as the setting. They’re massive and amazing to contemplate. If you’re actually there, never stop admiring the rocks which are naturally pretty to reward you for the entire climb.

However, your experience is easily reduced by the reality that you’re a part of a flow of visitors going through. It’s not only loud but also crowded.