Where to go in Ho Chi Minh City for one day?

Do you want to kill the boredom on a trip to Vietnam? But where to go in Ho Chi Minh City for one day? Check out our one-day journey before you note them down. Do you want to get a bite of every corner of what makes Vietnam so unique? Let’s take some action in the country’s most booming place - Ho Chi Minh City! While being in Saigon, don’t miss any chance to walk around the city’s most popular sites. Still confused? Let me explain what you shouldn’t miss on your trip to this appealing city:

1. Visit Notre Dame Cathedral

Did you know that it’s an iconic landmark in Saigon? This church is certainly the biggest catholic church through Ho Chi Minh City! Not just that, but it’s also one of the worth-to-see tourist spot for all travelers in the world, so don’t miss a chance to take some great pictures if you want. Find the church between two flows of traffic, where is right in the midst of Saigon’s chaotic District 1.

Notre Dame Cathedral, a red brick building - Photo: Internet

Apart from that, the streets right outside are filled up with many streams of traffic and street vendors. But once stepping inside, you’ll find the whole decor extremely simple and peaceful. It’s only dynamic during the services and even an ideal site for romantic wedding photos. Looking closer, you will see a Virgin Mary statue which stands right in front of Saigon Notre Dame Cathedral.

As you know, Saigon Notre Dame Cathedral often acts as a religious building for local people. And know what? Your best time to visit the building is on Sunday if you do want to take some great photographs of this holy place.

How about the interior decoration? Well, it’s renowned for the elegant gothic-style design and aestheticism. The red bricks from Marseille without being cemented will make the entire building the most outstanding in the city without a doubt. Therefore, do not miss walking around the building to enjoy the freshest shades and unique architecture.

2. Go shopping in Ben Thanh Market

A beautiful view of Ben Thanh Market at night! - Photo: Internet

Is there any shopping heaven to go in Ho Chi Minh city? Think of Ben Thanh Market at first, where you can pick up the best bargains. They’re mostly the lacquerware, bamboo products, crafts, and more that are waiting to be explored. Besides, you can find and purchase a great number of goods on sale, from textiles, watches, luggage to a bunch of electronic items.

The entire market is often large and hard to navigate from time to time, and frustrating when you come on the hottest days. Once the night falls, all of the restaurants have to open the doors to make up a lively street-side scene. And when that happens, you can enjoy the fresh air and appealing scents of the noodles and barbecued meats at the same time.

But what visitors love the most are the multi-colored lights that shine beautifully in this place. They look extremely beautiful and bustled you’ve ever seen! Meanwhile, the night market can be seen along the hall, where sells a lot of souvenirs, clothes, and apparel. To get there, let’s move downtown, which only takes around 10 minutes to arrive the destination.

Last but not least, since the market is among other famous landmarks in Saigon, all of the taxi drivers know it when you mention its name. In the morning, when you see the sun not shining yet, then the entire city would be hidden in the mysterious dark. The market was just awakened by the lively melodies from the big crowd who are exercising in the market’s entrance. After all, Ben Thanh Market is absolutely worth a visit.

3. Try “Bia Hoi” on the plastic chairs

Enjoy cheap beer along the sidewalks - Photo: Internet

Bia hoi can be found on every street corner and some bars, and they can be easily gulped down instantly. Note that some breweries that prepare the beer are very quiet about their recipes. But if you like, just go asking around the place, you will get some helpful information like it’s made mostly from barley malt and hops.

Though it’s hardly ever known by the world, I still admit that Bia hoi is much cheaper than other beer types anywhere. Then what’s inside the beer? It mainly contains 50% of rice wine, which makes it a lighter and clearer drink than anything.

Besides, according to a research, we’re told that the standard level of alcohol tends to be in a range of 3% - 4% while Bia Hoi lies within its pure form. So are you ready to sit on a little red plastic chair on the sidewalk? Let’s do it and be surrounded by your fellow tourists.

As stated above, Bia Hoi in Bui Vien Street is famous for being the most budget beer in Ho Chi Minh City (only 7000 Vietnam Dong). This place usually opens in the evening, so it attracts a lot of young people and foreign visitors to come and enjoy the beer.

4. Enjoy Karaoke nights 

Chill out at karaoke nights - Photo: Internet

Are you a night owl? Then you must be in the right place since Ho Chi Minh City owns anything you desire, from Bia Hoi, clubs to bars for different tastes. Among them, karaoke is one of the biggest and most popular businesses that all Vietnamese people would love to try out. If you live here, you might be surprised that every square block of the city owns its karaoke hangout.

Moreover, you’ll be able to find all the beautiful karaoke rooms and studios throughout the city, such as the neighborhood of Pham Ngu Lao. According to some foreigners, what they didn’t expect is how cheap it would be. For instance, if eight people join the room, the cost is about $4 per person.

It’s fine to rent a room or big suite by the hour, and the more friends you have, the more fun it is. Besides, some karaoke are not good because they’re known as the hidden brothels where a lot of prostitutes work in.