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14 Days Vietnam Discovery Trip From Ha Noi

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12 Day Vietnam Classic Journey From Ha Noi

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Highlights Of Vietnam 10 Days From Ha Noi

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Highlights Of Vietnam 10 Days From Ho Chi Minh City

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Enjoy the joy and greatness from a Da Nang City Tour with your beloved members! From the picturesque scenery to tranquil white sandy beaches and sumptuous resorts, the city has a lot of offer. This is one of the impressive cities in Vietnam that you find it easy to go around while lots of the attractions do keep you busy and interested all time. Thus, without much ado, let’s follow us to know top things to see and do in daytime while in here!

Where is Da Nang City?

Located in the middle of the Central Vietnam, Da Nang is now the biggest city in the Central region as well as the commercial and education center of the area. The city is generally about 759 kilometers to the south of Hanoi, and about 960 kilometers to the north of Ho Chi Minh City. One of the main reasons why visitors consider Da Nang to be the most ideal tourist destination it is proximity to other landmarks. Particularly, it is encompassed by Hue Province to the north, Quang Nam Province to both the South and the West, along with the East Sea to the East.

Today, the booming city gets top marks for the proximity to the three nearby UNESCO World Heritage Sites, including namely Hoi An Ancient Town, My Son Sanctuary, and Hue Imperial City. Furthermore, its modern and clean infrastructure, reputable tourist attractions, impressive seaside resorts, luxurious 4-and-5-star hotels, and many other recreational establishments are what especially catch much attention from both tourists and investors.

Top Attractions and Experiences included in a Da Nang City Tour

Son Tra Peninsula

When it comes to Son Tra Peninsula, it is the tourism draw with its pristine nature, intriguing curves, crystal seawater, mysterious primeval jungle, and beautiful views of the coast and the green mountains away from Da Nang City. Travelers of all types will be absorbed in extensive activities to do here. The beach lovers will fall in love with scuba diving and snorkeling while the bikers and day-trip seekers will be fond of bicycling around to explore and visit the fishing village. All in all, a journey to the peninsula does gives you a real feel about the charming Da Nang.

Han Market

During a Da Nang City Tour, there are a plethora of options to bring back home as the reminiscence of this clean and worth-living city. One of the ideal places to go shopping and buy souvenirs is the bustling Han Market (Chợ Hàn), which is located at the intersection of Tran Phu Street, Hung Vuong Street, Bach Dang Street, and Tran Hung Dao Street. So, it is easy to get there, thanks to its convenient location. Originally opened since the 1940s during the French colonial period, it is the city’s biggest and cheapest place to shop. Nevertheless, the market is crowded, cramped, and stuffy since the stalls are placed right next to one another. So, if you don’t have idea of going shopping here, just wander around the exterior to learn the locals’ daily life.

Linh Ung Pagoda

For a spiritual journey, Linh Ung Pagoda is an implacable stop. As a notable temple and the largest pagoda of Da Nang, Linh Ung captivates visitors’ heart by its location, which is settled in the stunning backdrop of magnificent hills and primitive forest. The highlight here is the 67-meter-tall statue of Goddess of Mercury (or also called Shakyamuni Buddha) standing on the lotus platform. On the route to the Pagoda, the scenery is lovely, which is worth snapping photos.

My Son Sanctuary

Known as the Cambodia of Vietnam, the temple ruins of My Son are really mysterious, captivating, and enriched with cultural values. Built during the medieval times, such ancient Hindu temples played an important role in the Champa Empire. The ornate structures were firstly built from wood, then brick and even limestone. The best part of the Da Nang City tour is that you will contemplate the delicate sculptures on rocks as well as hearing ancient stories about the sanctuary. The temples stand out as a resounding testimony to the grander that once existed in the lush jungles.

Unwinding on the gorgeous beaches

One of the convincing reasons why Da Nang become a big magnet for tourists is that it is home to the best beaches in Vietnam. Thanks to the proximity of these to the city, people can reach here anytime they need to Vitamin Sea. Some of the reputable beaches, which are close to the city center, include My Khe Beach, Thanh Binh Beach, Non Nuoc Beach, and Bac My An Beach. Your needs is met at best with stunning white sandy beaches, seafood restaurants, luxury hotels and resorts, as well as the lovely views of the ocean.

Sampling the city’s prominent cuisine

The night is an ideal time to enjoy the culinary specialties of Da Nang. As the tourist hotspot of the country, the city is full of not only eateries and restaurants, but also night food streets, guaranteeing to satisfy night owls with a hungry stomach. Don’t miss some famous local dishes, like Nem Lui (Lemongrass grilled meat skewers), Bun Thit Nuong (Grilled Meat Noodles), etc. while feasting your eyes on the spectacular views of the whole city.

Seeing Da Nang from the top at Sky36

Among many bars and clubs prominently symbolizing for the bright city nightlife, the Sky36 stands out as one of the best place to contemplate the wonderful scenery of Da Nang and a great view of gorgeous bridges. It is worth noting that it is the city’s highest bars, situated on the rooftop of the Novotel Premier Han River Hotel. While the views of the Sky36 are really worth seeing, the party held inside is in full blast. Besides, there is also an outdoor balcony to observe the night views of the city, spectacularly overlooking the Han River below. If you just want to find a relaxing place from the noisy party, then having a seat in the balcony, ordering a cool drink, and immersing in the great atmosphere of the nighttime is a good idea.

Taking a promenade around Dragon Bridge

Taking a promenade around Dragon Bridge is a must-visit activity in the Da Nang City tour. Opened to traffic in 2013, this bridge has become a symbolic landmark of the city. As its name suggests, Dragon Bridge is built in the shape of a giant golden dragon, measuring 666 meters in length over the Han River. As the country’s longest bridge, the span is best contemplated at night when it is wonderfully lit up in bright blue, yellow, and red colors, turning Han River to a colorful background. On every weekend evening (Saturday and Sunday), spectators have a chance to be treated with a display of firework where the dragon breathes fire and sprouts water from its mouth. Such the pyrotechnic show is best viewed from some of the riverside bars or restaurants.

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