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14 Days Vietnam Discovery Trip From Ha Noi

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12 Day Vietnam Classic Journey From Ha Noi

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Highlights Of Vietnam 10 Days From Ha Noi

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Grand Tour Of Vietnam – 19 Days

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Highlights Of Vietnam 10 Days From Ho Chi Minh City

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Hoi An has become one of the favorite destinations for both local and foreign visitors in recent years, with many convincing reasons. The ancient city never generates any single boring vibe as there are lots of gorgeous sights to see, interesting things to do, exotic dishes to sample and colorful architectural buildings to contemplate. We just sum up what to do and see in daytime during a Hoi An tour that can be useful for your travel itinerary. Keep reading!

Where is Hoi An?

Located in Quag Nam Province of the Central Vietnam, Hoi An is an ancient town which captures much attention from visitors worldwide. It is about 30 kilometers south of Da Nang city as well as surrounded by Thu Bon downstream. In general, Hoi An is encompassed by Dien Ban District in the North, the sea in the East, and Duy Xuyen District in the South. When it comes to this ancient city, people tend to use common adjectives, like beautiful, antique, and peaceful to clearly describe its charm.

A trip to Hoi An brings tourists of all age many memorable experiences, from history and culture to cuisine and architecture. Although this is just the small town, it effectively gives tourists the nostalgic feelings through the vista of the narrow alleys, age-old houses, and traditional villages. If there is someone who talks with you about a UNESCO World Heritage Centre, the city of lanterns, the “Yellow City,” or even an outstanding cuisine destination, then what they mean is about Hoi An Ancient Town.

Top Attractions and Experiences included in a Hoi An Tour

Cham Island

Hoi An sightseeing tours are incomplete without taking an early boat to Cham Island. Coming here, you have an opportunity to visit religious pagodas and nice markets, interact with the local fishermen, as well as trying amazing Vietnamese dishes from the welcoming family of a homestay. Moreover, it seems a big pity to overlook snorkeling experience as the coral reef system around the island is glorious and pristine. How great it is!

Fujian Assembly Hall

As one of the city’s grandest structures, Fujian Assembly Hall shares the fundamental features in structure of Chinese Assembly Hall. A massive ornate gateway adorned with unique carvings of Chinese mythological figures makes the temple prominent while its colorful main courtyard is very photogenic. The biggest room is indeed the main hall where you can see a shrine and carved dragons. The locals, especially childless couples, often visit here to find luck in conceiving children. In some occasions, Chinese’s festivals are also celebrated here with plenty of events and activities. At that time, the place becomes irresistible for both the domestic and international visitors to arrive.

Take a promenade around Hoi An Old Town

The Hoi An tour brings you a brilliant chance to contemplate the town in various colorful themes of a day. While it is covered with fresh and cool outfit in the early morning, with lightly warm yellow silk at noon, the town is really impressive with its black dress spotted with light dots. Whether you go around with friends or are hand in hand with your mate, or even wander around solely, a stroll through the narrow streets always gives you a sense of peace and coziness, right? The big draw is that all vehicles are banned on the main streets of the ancient town from 5 PM every day. Hence, your promenade becomes more wonderful and less noisy, from the gloaming to the night.

Try a tailor-made dress or suit

Getting a suit or dress in Hoi An should be your must-be activity because it is very reputable and valuable! As a hub of textile trade in Southeast Asia for centuries, Hoi An is undoubtedly where you can own unique custom-made clothes or outfits that can find nowhere. Strolling along the town’s streets, you find it easy to see a wide array of tailor workshops with top quality. After choosing the desirable cloth material, the shop owner will make your tailor-made suit, based on your need. It is a little expensive, but worth your investment. Some of the top tailor shops in Hoi An when it comes to reasonable prices and good quality are BeBe, Yaly Couture, Bao Khan Silk, Hoang Kim Tailor, etc.

Explore the peaceful countryside

Vietnam, in the foreigners’ mind, is beautiful and serene with lush rice paddy fields, blue sky, hard-working buffalos, and rural scenery. And they can find all of these things in Hoi An. If you just have one day to explore the town, ensure to make this the top priority. Although there are a number of cycling and trekking tours in Hoi An, more adventurous travelers are advised to rent a vehicle and try a day trip out of the city on their own. Getting lost in the fields of brilliant green and observing the daily life of the locals indeed bring visitors a once-in-a-lifetime experience that helps them thoroughly feel the real S-shaped country.

Enjoy the sunbath at beaches

Hoi An is not only about its ancient town, but it also has plenty of white sandy beaches to make an escape. Some of the best beaches close to Hoi An include An Bang, which is about 3 kilometers from the Old Town, and Cua Dai, which is about 4 kilometers ride away. These beaches have deckchairs, umbrellas, and restaurants, which are very convenient for travelers. Along with sunbathing in the pristine white beaches, you can choose to have meals at deluxe beachside restaurants or villas for a romantic getaway. While the food and coffee are delicious, the prices are fairly reasonable.

Partake in a cooking class

The best part of Hoi An tour, Vietnam may be enjoying the Vietnamese cuisine. If you’d like to bring a little of that recipe back home with you, then it is lucky to know that a cooling class is always available while in there. Such cooking class is a great way to learn how these flavors are made and how to cook such exotic meals by yourself. A lot of the local restaurants offer the cooking class for gourmets where they will firstly start picking up the raw ingredients, and then be taught how to prepare food. Becoming a master chef on their own can bring a joyful experience. Some reliable addresses for your reference are Cookly, Red Bridge cooking school and restaurant, Gioan Cooking School, and so on.

Take a leisurely boat trip on the Thu Bon River and release paper lanterns

Hoi An tour at night still amazes you with a lot of things to do. When the sun goes down, dropping your soul on the boat along the Hoai River to marvel at the ancient beauty of the town is a nice idea. And it is also a mistake to miss dropping flower garlands and paper lanterns. After 6 PM, street vendors begin selling paper lanterns along the river. Don’t forget to buy these, light them up, and then set them afloat on the water. At that time, the river is glittering with a number of lanterns slowly and colorfully floating away into the distance. The locals believe that releasing paper lanterns and making a wish bring good luck and happiness to you and your beloved ones.

Sample the paradise of street food

It is hard to ignore the irresistible smell and mouthwatering collection of local cuisine here. There is no need for luxurious decoration. A few tables and chairs with the beautiful background of the Hoai River can make your experience more wonderful and memorable. A lengthy list of food with affordable prices is waiting for you, such as Cao Lau, Chicken Rice, Spring Rolls, Quang Noodles, Sweet Soups, Bread, and so on. While eating, it is very interesting to see the twinkling river flowing right next to your eating place.

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