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14 Days Vietnam Discovery Trip From Ha Noi

  • Depart from: Ha Noi capital
  • Transportation : Bus, Car, Cruise
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Northern Vietnam Adventure Tour – 10 Days (program B)

  • Depart from: Ha Noi capital
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Northern Vietnam With Sapa Discovery Tour 6 Days

  • Depart from: Ha Noi capital
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Can Cau Market And Bac Ha Market Tour 4 Days

  • Depart from: Ha Noi
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Grand Tour Of Vietnam – 19 Days

  • Depart from: Ho Chi Minh City
  • Transportation : Flight, Train, Bus, Car, Cruise
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Are you searching for the best tours to approach the charms of North Vietnam? Snap up Sapa tours at TNK Travel at once as they are truly awesome to experience!

Where is Sapa?

Sapa is a locally well-known town in Lao Cai Province of northwestern Vietnam and blessed with splendid mountainous landscapes and cool fresh air, which is exactly the reason for the increasing number of travelers to this destination. A Sapa tour, especially in the kind of package will be a deserving journey to explore a part of the North Vietnam.

Top Attractions and Experiences included in a Sapa Tour

Visiting tribal villages

In the hope of getting insights into the life of locals in Sapa, northwestern Vietnam, you are recommended to make a visit to tribal villages where the quintessential things in the culture of ethnic people are exposed. That is the reason why this visit should be included in a Sapa tour or in the list of top things to do in Sapa. In more detail, what make you closer to their life are to savor their fascinating cuisine, witness the view in which they are working in magnificent rice terraced fields, and join their festivals. It is better to go trekking through those villages and stay overnight at their houses whereby you can grab what you expect.

Conquering Fansipan Peak

Well known as the roof of Indochina, Fansipan Peak is 3,143 meters above sea level and nearly a big challenge for those who love adventure. It can’t be denied that reaching Fansipan Peak brings each adventurer a feeling of bliss and victory, yet what makes this expedition a meaningful one is the spectacular view from the top. It’s awesome to peer down at stunning landscapes formed by clouds, mountains, sky, and terraces once you become the winner of your expedition. Regarding time for Fansipan conquering experience, from late September to the end of April is supposed to be the greatest. By that time, it is sunny, not too cold and sometimes has rainbows.

Exploring Hoang Lien National Park

Situated at the altitude of 1,000 – 3,000 meters above sea level, Hoang Lien National Park is among the most significant national parks of Vietnam, and more interestingly, it enters its name into the list of the richest areas of biodiversity in Indochina. Are you wondering why Hoang Lien National Park is worth your exploring? It is because here is a primitive forest of rich and diverse flora and fauna with the total area of 29,845 ha of the core zone and 38,724 ha of the buffer zone. Fansipan Peak also belongs to Hoang Lien Mountain Range in this national park.

Trekking through Muong Hoa Valley

Endowed with the breathtaking mountainous landscapes, Muong Hoa Valley is definitely an indispensable part of your Sapa tour. The valley is situated between two ranges of mountains running parallel to each other and home of enchanting rice terraced fields. It is supposed that trekking is the best way to enjoy those stunning scenes; you will gradually walk through the winding trail, soak up the pleasant atmosphere, and directly touch the natural charms.

Ham Rong Mountain

When it comes to top things to see for a Sapa tour, Ham Rong will be mentioned first for sure. Ham Rong in Vietnamese means Dragon Jaw in English. Do you wonder why it is called that name? It is because in the early morning, this mountain looks like a dragon’s head beneath a veil of mist – a wonder from the Creator. It is possible to say that the attraction is a perfect mix of the natural and artificial charms. As for the flora, Ham Rong surprises any visitor as it is home to a variety of flowers and orchard gardens. Additionally, walking along stone paths will take them to a wild peach forest and orchid gardens where there are up to 6,000 orchid plants from 194 genres. No need to fly to the remote Nile River, you can still witness Lily – a kind of exotic flower in the world. Contemplating ox-eyed daisy, geraniums, hydrangea, or cheery blossom is worth your stop at Ham Rong.

Terraced rice fields

Sapa is famous for absolutely ravishing terraced rice fields any traveler finds it very hard not to fall in love with. Sapa emerges among the mountains as a vibrant picture the Creator uses his miracle materials to paint; that is the reason why dozens of amateur and professional photographers made long journeys to this land in the hope of bringing back the most valuable artworks. By far, it is no exaggeration that you will be a lucky person if taking a chance to peer down at such mountainous scenic beauty in the reality.

Sapa Love Market

Are you wondering if there is anything special and exciting to see in Sapa Love Market? For sure it is unique from its name; many people think about a market as a place for trading which means selling and buying something, but Love Market is totally different. Ethnic people in Lao Cai gather at this kind of market for their cultural activities, such as dancing, singing, playing games, etc. More compellingly, they come there to look for someone to date. Joining the love market is a chance to learn more the culture of people in the mountainous area of Vietnam.

Ta Phin Cave

Ta Phin Cave with the 5-meter high and 3-meter wide entrance is in close proximity to Ta Phin Village. Inside the cave is a range of stones in varied shapes, such as a young woman carrying her baby in her arms, fairies, and so forth. Stalactites hanging down look like a seductive picture without compare. There are also traces of the French colonial period left inside the cave, which are considered to be mysteries of the past not already discovered until now.

Love Waterfall

Sapa is not only beautiful in terms of terraced rice fields or peaceful prospects of green mountains and colorful flowers, but also emerging as an unforgettable land of romantic waterfalls. Love Waterfall is among the ones captivating any visitor. The name “Love” comes from a love story behind the waterfall, so while uncovering the charms of landscapes around here, you can perceive melodies of falling water as unique characters found inside the love.

There are also many other things to experience in Sapa. To uncover all of the best ones, it is sure that a Sapa package tour is perfect.

Best time to visit Sapa

In the view of locals, Sapa may be visited all year round because each season of this mountainous area brings a distinctive charm. Depending on your favorite is the best way to pick the best time to go:

  • From April to the end of August is supposed to be the peak travel season in Sapa as lots of Vietnamese people take their children there for summer holiday. If you prefer the crowd, that time is good to go.

  • From the end of August to September is the season of rice getting enough ripe, so the fields look more attractive because of the yellow rice. During this period, Sapa rises like a graceful girl and is certainly enough to enthrall any nature-lover.

  • From November to Match is the best time to see snow and typical flowers of northwestern Vietnam.

Why Should You Choose a Sapa Tour from TNK Travel?

While there are lots of inbound tour operators and travel agents offering tours to Sapa of Vietnam, the ones from TNK Travel are probably what you should take into account of. With the good reputation formed by experience, expertise in the hospitability, and hard effort of staff members, the company is committed to providing all customers the best products and services when they are travelling in Vietnam.

Types of Sapa Tour at TNK Travel

Sapa tours provided by TNK Travel are basically classified according to the period of time spent on taking them, so there are Sapa day tours and package tours:

Day tours

If you do not have much time in northern Vietnam yet want to have excellent experiences of natural charms, it is sure that Sapa day tours are enough to give you the most unforgettable moments. The short trip entitles you to explore some aspects in nature, culture, and people of northwestern Vietnam.

Package tours

Sapa is often included in package tours through Vietnam, and TNK Travel is the place where you can believe to take one which leads you through each attraction of Sapa. With such brilliant products and services, you can gaze into stunning scenic landscapes and gain insights into the life and culture of the locals.