Chau Doc Travel Guide

Travel Chau Doc Travel Guide

Chau Doc – a deserving place to visit in the Mekong Delta is definitely about to leave something special in your memory after you come back home. However, are you wondering how to have such an unforgettable trip? Read Chau Doc Travel Guide, and you may find several good ideas.

Best time to go to Chau Doc

Like many other spots in the Mekong Delta, Chau Doc is blessed with tropical monsoon climate whereby there are two seasons here; one rainy season and the other dry season. Generally, the weather in Chau Doc is totally suitable for sightseeing tours.

The rainy season (from May to October) is also the floating season of the Mekong Delta, and it is believed that you will get a deep sense of the locals’ lifestyle by that time. Fascinating features in the culture of the people in the water region are boasted most clearly when the floating season is approaching.

How to get to Chau Doc

It will take you about 6 hours by bus to get to Chau Doc from Ho Chi Minh City, and there is more than one bus line serving routes between those destinations:

  • Kumho Transport Company (tel: (+84) 8 37527878), Mai Linh Bus Line (tel: (+84) 8 39292929), Phuong Trang Bus Line (tel: (+84) 8 38841562), Vinh An Transport Company (tel: (+84)8 38369229), Hung Cuong Transport Company (tel: (+84) 8 3572624), Kim Mai Transport Company (tel: (+84) 8 54052575), and Hue Nghia (tel: (+84)8 39552364)

If you prefer traveling to Chau Doc by motorbike, make sure that you must have a good driving skill since traffic in Vietnam is not good as you think. Take National Route 1A and head towards Tien Giang Province. Cross My Thuan Bridge and then follow along National Route 80 to Sa Dec City. Get onto the ferry in Vam Cong to Long Xuyen City. Finally, ride along National Route 90 to Chau Doc.

How to get around Chau Doc

Bicycle or Motorbike

You can hire a bicycle or motorbike at some travel company in the centre of Chau Doc or at the reception desk of your hotel for getting around this town. A sightseeing tour by bicycle/motorbike around Chau Doc is definitely a good idea.

Xe dap loi (a traditional kind of rickshaw)

It is not difficult to find this rickshaw when you arrive in Chau Doc. Just take it in front of your hotel, next to the market or anywhere in the center.


There is a bus route from the centre of Chau Doc to Sam Mountain, so the bus station is situated right in the the center. Therefore, you are advisable to catch the bus if you would like to visit a few remote places.


As for those who love traveling around Chau Doc by taxi, some following recommendations may be useful, e.g. Mai Linh – Tel: (+84) 76 3922266, Saigon Hoang Long – Tel: (+84) 76 3688688, Long Xuyen – Tel: (+84) 76 3858788, or Duc Thanh – Tel: (+84) 76 3852403.


To reach Cham Village and some fishing farms, you can take a boat at Chau Doc Pier – No.3 Le Loi Street, Chau Phu Ward – Tel: (+84) 763550949.

Where to visit

Tay An Pagoda

Tay An Pagoda located at Sam Mountain is a Buddhist temple and 284 meters. The pagoda’s architecture is influenced by the art of India and Islam, but what makes it special is that it is based on familiar details on Vietnamese ancient pagoda. It is not only a sacred place for worship, but also a wonderful landscape for sightseeing tours.

Chau Phu Temple

Situated on Tran Hung Dao and Nguyen Van Thoai Streets, Chau Phu Temple is where Nguyen Huu Canh is revered; he was a person who contributed his ability to the contemporary feudal society’s development.

Chau Doc Floating Village

The most special tourist spot in Chau Doc is exactly Floating Village as well as fishing farms on water. Of course, the main method for transport there is by boats, but what is the most interesting point is that each house is used for both living and farming fish. Come here, and you will understand more the locals’ the life and culture.

Temple of the Local Goddess (Mieu Ba Chua Xu)

Lying right at the foot of Sam Mountain, the temple was designed to have the shape of a lotus flower in full bloom. From the 23rd day to the 27th day of Lunar April, the locals celebrate a festival with the aim of expressing thanks to the goddess because of her enormous contributions to the peace and thriving of the region.

Sam Mountain

At the altitude of 284 meters above sea level, Sam Mountain is a part of beautiful Bay Nui Region. Sam is supposed to be a sacred mount with nearly 200 pagodas and temples scattered all sides, at the foot and on the top, which impressed anyone making a visit here.

Cave Pagoda (Chua Hang)

Erected between 1840 and 1845, Cave Pagoda nowadays is known as a national relic of Vietnam. With enhancing sights around, this sacred place has attracted more and more travelers from many areas no matter if they are domestic or international.

There are also plenty of other fascinating places to visit for a trip to Chau Doc, e.g. Tra Su Cajuput Forest, Thoai Ngoc Hau Tomb, Cham Village in Chau Giang, Forbidden Mountain (Cam Mountain), and Vinh Te Canal.

What to eat

Your trip to Chau Doc will not be complete if local cuisines are not put in your list of things to experience. Some recommendations are Vinh Trung noodle soup (banh canh Vinh Trung), Snakehead smoked in the straw (ca loc nuong trui), anabas braised with flagrant knotweed (ca ro me kho rau ram), Chau Doc noodle soup with fish (bun ca Chau Doc), pickles with cork flowers (dua chua bong dien dien), hotpot with linh fish and cork flowers, Chau Doc hotpot.

Where to stay

  • Victoria Chau Doc: it is a 4star hotel at No.1 Le Loi Street, Chau Doc Town – Tel: (+84)76 3856010
  • Victoria Sam Mountain Lodge: it is a 3star hotel on Vinh Dong 1 Street, Nui Sam Ward – Tel: (+84) 76 3865010
  • Ha Long: it is a 3star hotel at No.1, Nui Sam Ward – Tel: (+84)76 3571661
  • Chau Pho: it is a 3star hotel on Trung Nu Vuong Street, Chau Phu B Ward – Tel: (+84) 76 3564139
  • Satisfy Hotel: it is a 2star hotel at No.1, 30/4 Street, Chau Phu B Ward – Tel: (+84) 76 6260260
  • Hue Binh: it is a 2star hotel in Sam Mountain
  • Murray Guesthouse: it is a 1star hotel at 15 Truong Dinh Street, Chau Phu B Ward – Tel: (+84) 908 361344
  • Hoang Mai: next to the shopping center of Nui Sam Ward – Tel: (+84) 76 3571239
  • My Loc: at 51B Nguyen Van Thoai Street, Chau Doc; Tel: (+84) 76 3866167
  • Thanh Binh: at 273 Thu Khoa Huan Street, Chau Phu A Ward Tel: (+84) 76 3562917
  • Hang Chau 2: Nguyen Van Thoai Street, Chau Phu A Ward Tel: (+84) 76 3868891
  • Hoang Tuyen: Chau Thoi 2 Street, National Route 91, Chau Phu B Ward Tel: (+84) 76 3561888