Travel Con Dao Travel Guide

You wish to look for some isolate place for relaxation and discover unspoiled natural landscapes, don’t you? Then, Con Dao is supposed to be absolutely ideal to experience. This Con Dao travel guide may be helpful for those who are planning to travel independently like you.

Best time to get to Con Dao Island

The best time to get to Con Dao Island is from March to September because the sea is calm and normally there is less rain during those months. Additionally, traveling here in this season is also a chance for you to witness the natural phenomenon of a countless number of turtles laying eggs. Most tours of coral reef diving, and island exploration are organized during the time.

From October to February, not many travelers go on a holiday to Con Dao because of big waves into beaches, but the warm sunshine is a plus point. Therefore, for those who love discovering places without crowds, this season is absolutely perfect.  

How to get to Con Dao Island

There are two routes to travel to Con Dao from Ho Chi Minh City:

By boat

Take a bus from Ho Chi Minh City to Vung Tau, and then move to Cat Lo Pier. You should make a reservation and then settle payment of your boat ticket in advance via the website Bear in mind that you must arrive at the ticket office 5 hours before the departure time. It is important to notice that the cancellation may be made without notifying you, so you are advisable to track the information about the route on the web. It costs VND85,000 – VND200,000/ticket; the price varies according to the type of seat. 

By air

An alternative which is more comfortable is by air. It will take you about 45 minutes to fly from Ho Chi Minh City to Con Dao. The airfare is about VND 1,700,000 – VND2,500,000/one way. After arriving at Co Ong Airport, you can catch a taxicab to the town.

What to do in Con Dao

Coral reef diving

Con Dao consists of many small islands, such as Bay Canh, Hon Tai, Hon Tre, Hon Trung, Hon Trac, Hon Cau, etc. Here is the home of large coral reefs, totally ideal for a diving trip to explore the marine life.


Con Dao is rich in sea creatures, so you may challenge to your fishing skill while relishing wonderful seascapes here. The more special activity is fishing shark at night, and the ideal place for fishing is Nhat Beach.

Exploring isolate islands

Con Son Bay is the habitat of 14 big and small islands, including Hon Tai, Hon Trac, Hon Tho, etc. Those islands emerge among the turquoise water, forming an enhancing natural picture. Not only that, the bay is also where you can find beautiful coral reefs in abundance.  

Watching turtles laying eggs

It is considered as an interesting activity you ought not to ignore when making a trip to Con Dao. While going for a stroll along the beach in Bay Canh Island at night, you can witness the natural phenomenon in which Chelonia Mydas (a kind of sea turtle) lays eggs.

Where to visit in Con Dao

Dam Trau Beach

Dam Trau is well known as the most stunning beaches in Con Dao and 12 kilometers to the northwest of Co Ong Airport. It will take you about 30 minutes by bike or car to reach Dam Trau from the center of Con Dao Town. What makes the destination more awesome is that it is endowed with a long stretch of soft white sand, a primeval forest with lush green trees, and uphill cliffs in unique shapes. Generally, upon arriving in Dam Trau Beach, you will be delighted to go through fantastic activities, such as swimming, sightseeing, and coral reef diving.

Suoi Nong Beach

Followed by Dam Trau is Suoi Nong Beach – a mighty beach in Con Dao. Just need to go through a short trail in the forest, and you will hit Suoi Nong. Because only a small number of people know about this beach’s existence, its ordinary charm is still kept. One stimulating thing is that there is a mangrove swamp which it is not easy to find in the other islands

Con Dao National Park

The park has the area of approximately 20,000 hectares, including 6,000 hectares of land and 14,000 hectares of water area. Do not miss out this destination since you can enjoy fascinating activities, such as fishing, diving, cycling, and sightseeing.

Con Dao Prison

Con Dao was once viewed as “hell on earth” during the wartime in Vietnam. The French built this place for capturing prisoners who were supposed to threaten their control of Vietnam as well as communists and patriots. A visit to the prison brings you home to the terrible torture the prisoners must suffer in the past.

Other destinations you can keep an eye on if you have a trip to explore Con Dao includes Bay Canh Island, Hang Duong Cemetery, Lady Phi Yen Temple, Dam Tre Bay, Con Dao Museum, Nui Mot Pagoda, Ong Dung Beach, Hon Cau, etc.

What to eat in Con Dao

Of course, the trip to any new land will become insipid if you do not let yourself try specialty dishes there, and what to savor in Con Dao makes your trip complete and more fantastic. Let’s put the following food in your list: Indian-almond jam (mut qua bang), oyster porridge, grilled, steamed, or fried eatable snails, salad with eatable snails, moon crabs (cua mat trang), mam nhum, red lobster, sa sung (a kind of eatable worm), and ca mu do.

Where to stay

  • Six Senses Hotel: Dat Doc Beach, Con Dao District; tel: (+84) 64 3630768
  • ATC Resort: Ton Duc Thang Street; tel: (+84) 254 3830 456
  • Post office guesthouse: 48 Nguyen Hue Street, Con Dao District; tel: (+84) 64 3830348 (+84) 913 948097
  • Hong Nhan Guesthouse: Pham Van Dong Street, Con Dao District; tel: (+84) 907 555106 (+84) 949 054806
  • Con Dao Hotel: No.6 Nguyen Duc Thuan Street, Con Dao District; tel: (+84) 64 3630768 (+84) 938 213888
  • Thien Tan Hotel: No.4 Nguyen Duc Thuan Street, Con Dao District; tel: (+84) 946 782468
  • Saigon – Con Dao Hotel: 1824 Ton Duc Thang Street, Con Dao District; tel: (+84) 64 3830968
  • Gio Con Son Hotel: Con Dao District; tel: (+84) 64 3608697