Tien Giang Travel Guide

Travel Tien Giang Travel Guide

You are planning to discover The Mekong Delta, aren’t you? Tien Giang, next to Ho Chi Minh City and also the gateway to the water region is surely the first destination you should keep any eye on. It is allegedly necessary to know about Tien Giang Travel Guide before your journey begins.             

How to Get to Tien Giang

Because Tien Giang is next to Ho Chi Minh City, it is easy to find public transport to Tien Giang. The first recommendation for you is Phuong Trang Bus – among the best bus lines in Saigon (address: 272-274-276 De Tham, District 1 and tel: +84. 83. 837 5570). An alternative is by motorbike if you would like to stop whenever you want for photos or sightseeing. Just take Route 1 to Trung Luong Junction – the gateway to Tien Giang.

What to Eat in Tien Giang

You will find it very hard to resist specialties of Tien Giang because of their taste and texture for sure. What makes those dishes special is that they are supposed to be a perfect combination of fresh indigenous ingredients whereby you can perceive the quintessence in the cuisine of the Mekong Delta. There is a list of numerous kinds you can pick from:

  • Hu Tieu

Although Hu Tieu is found in plenty of places through southern Vietnam, the best kind of it is from My Tho, Tien Giang. It is possible to say that the food is distinctive, and you will not regret trying it. The following are recommendations about where to eat in Tien Giang:

+ Vegetarian Hu Tieu Restaurant at Nguyen Trung Truc Street: this eatery is opposite Vinh Trang Temple. The menu is varied, and the staff is indeed friendly. The main reason why people love eating at the restaurant is that most of its profit is utilized for charity.

+ Pock Hu Tieu on Le Dai Hanh Street: this restaurant is opposite a bank and just opens in the morning. The food here is attractive and gives you unforgettable taste.

+ Squid Hu Hieu situated on the street to Thanh Tri Market: the eatery opens all day and looks green as it is surrounded by big trees and has several bird cages in the front.

+ Beef Hu Tieu on Le Dai Hanh, in the proximity of My Tho Market: the restaurant opens from 6:00PM to 9:00PM.

+ Sate Huong Hu Tieu on Nam Ky Khoi Nghia: a bowl of this food will cost around USD1. Keep in mind that there is also another restaurant next to Huong Hu Tieu, but Huong is better.

+ Hu Tieu Restaurant at the end of Ap Bac and Yersin Streets is an alternative. It costs about $0.7/bowl.

+Thao Loan Hu Tieu at No.10 Giong Dua Street: the restaurant opens at night. It costs about $0,6/bowl.

  • Rice: do not ignore sticky rice when you visit Tien Giang Province. The eatery serving it is at the end of Ly Thuong Kiet Tran Hung Dao streets.
  • Snake soup: you can enjoy snake soup at No.46 Ly Thuong Kiet Street, where it is served from 4:00PM to 6:00PM. The price is about $5/bowl
  • Seafood: Tay Hoi Seafood next to the junction of Ap Bac and Tet Mau Than streets
  • Crab soup at an eatery on Le Thi Hong Gam Street
  • Dishes from snake is served at a restaurant on Ly Thuong Kiet Street
  • Other dishes at Nam Chuot Restaurant on Tran Hung Dao Street

Where to Stay in Tien Giang

To be honest, you do not have too many choices of accommodation in Tien Giang. Therefore, let’s consider the following recommendations:

  • Cong Doan Hotel – No. 61 Bao Muoi Thang Tu Street, My Tho City
  • Minh Tai Hotel – No. 1 Nguyen Hue Street, Ward 1, My Tho City
  • Minh Kieu 2 Hotel – 468 My Thanh Street, My Phong Ward, My Tho City
  • Les Arroyos de MyTho – Tam Hiep Commune, Chau Thanh District, My Tho City
  • Hong Phuc Hotel – 246/8 Ap Bac Street, My Tho City

Most of those hotels just charge you USD8 – USD10 for per night. Keep in mind that you should contact them before arriving because the price may change according to holidays.

What to Do and See in Tien Giang

Vinh Trang Pagoda

The pagoda, situated on Nguyen Trung Truc Street, was erected in the 19 century, so it carries a special style of architecture which is regarded as a great combination of European and Asian styles. What makes this place special is the fact that there are large Buddhist statues overwhelming anyone who visits here at the first time. That is also the reason why Vinh Trang is known as the largest and most remarkable pagoda in the Mekong Delta.

Dieu Hoa Pagoda

Located at 101, Trinh Hoai Duc Street, Dieu Hoa Pagoda is nowadays a tourist destination you can visit for an excursion in the Mekong Delta. Under Nguyen Dynasty, the pagoda was once an accommodation of officials when they must go to the town for some work. Wonderfully, here is the place of intangible and tangible values you can explore.

My Tho Church

Do not miss out on the chance to visit My Tho Church, erected in the 20th century because of its brilliant architecture. It lies at No.32 Hung Vuong Street and is an ideal destination for a Mekong Delta trip.

Different islets

As there are lots of islets spreading over Tien Giang, which is supposed to be a plus point of this province, you will be advised to make sightseeing tours around those destinations. You can set foot in Thoi Son Islet, Phung Islet, Lan Islet, or Long Islet. It is not expensive at all; it just costs from USD5 to USD15 for each of the tours. Not only that, gardens in the islets are where you can see and enjoy different kinds of fruit. 

Cai Be Floating Market

It is possible to say that your Mekong Delta trip for over 2 days is not complete if you do not go to Cai Be Floating Market. Why? It is because the most interesting part in the locals’ culture will be boasted here. It will help open your mind to new things whereby you have more ideas about the way the locals earn their living and the way the floating market works. It is better to explore this place in the early morning (opening houses: from 4:00AM to 3:00PM).

From My Tho City, you will take a car on Dinh Bo Linh Street to Cai Be Floating Market. It just takes you USD1. Then, take a boat to explore this place at the price of about USD35 to USD50.